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Hi, I'm Courtney!

of Cocoa Curriculum

As the only black girl (and most often times the only black student) in my school and/or classes growing up in Texas, I was constantly reminded of my color and “place” in society. February was my favorite time of year because I could finally learn about African American contributions, but the lessons fell flat or didn’t happen at all. 

Thankfully, I had a mother who made our history an important part of my existence and discovery of self. The exposure I received was pivotal to my development as a black woman in America, and my path to creating Cocoa Curriculum for our next generation of thinkers, leaders, and contributors. 

Fresh out of Spelman College with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, I taught Kindergarten; Naïve, wide-eyed and eager to impart upon the next generation all my knowledge and gems of wisdom for life, learning and molding their bright futures. Throughout my research, studies and teaching, I have found the importance of a strong kindergarten education to be the necessary foundation for a successful school trajectory.

I have served in communities where children look like me; the places where I was most needed. I have spent more than two decades in underserved and low income areas, and although challenging at times, knowing that my efforts were for the betterment of our black boys and girls made it easier to keep fighting the good fight. 

Earning my Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from Central Michigan University, I have established a reputation as a wielder of best practices, focusing on sound pedagogy and developmentally appropriate methods. I continue to champion and successfully partner with parents, communities, and school systems as the parent of a student, and a parent leader of an advocacy board, always promoting a child-first collaborative spirit to meet the educational needs of our children. 

My professional and personal background play a major role in informing what I bring to my products. My experience in early childhood education settings brings a proven, successful track record in student achievement, as well as the mentorship and coaching of teachers and paraprofessionals. As an education consultant, I worked side-by-side with children, families, teachers, and administrators, to re-examine deeply held beliefs and patterns of teaching and learning. 

As a parent, I work tirelessly to provide my children (and product testers) with an enriching home-learning environment where they can thrive and be excited about educational inquiry in a fun and engaging way. I am excited to give black children a sense of pride in our culture, while reinforcing the building blocks of their education and fostering developmental skills appropriate for their age. 

Our products and our mission are driven to provide the kind of exposure to positive images of blackness and history that will serve to enrich and empower our children into the future and beyond. 

Thank you for taking this journey with us, and welcome to the Cocoa Curriculum family.