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Our products and our mission are driven to provide the kind of exposure to positive images of blackness and history that will serve to enrich and empower our children into the future and beyond.

In my experience in early childhood education, I have found the importance of a strong kindergarten education to be the necessary foundation for a successful school trajectory.

My experience in early childhood education settings brings a proven, successful track record in student achievement.  I have worked side-by-side with children, families, teachers, and administrators, to re-examine deeply held beliefs and patterns of teaching and learning.

As a mom, I work tirelessly to provide my children with an enriching home-learning environment where they can thrive and be excited about educational inquiry in a fun and engaging way.

I am excited to give black children a sense of pride in our culture, while reinforcing the building blocks of their education and fostering developmental skills appropriate for their age.

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CoCoa Curriculum Activities

Cocoa Curriculum embraces and promotes the richness of Black identity and culture through dynamic and engaging learning activities. We know, in order to positively shape/mold our children’s young minds, we must provide them with educational opportunities reflective of the strength and beauty that is our collective experience. Our products are meant to bring an ease to learning basic skills and deepen understanding of all African American contributions. Our number one priority  is to uplift and empower our future leaders to create, to celebrate, and to thrive.

If you have a toddler, then you know that small objects are their jam! So lean into their natural curiosity with this convenient fine motor activity. Using the silicone tongs, toddlers…..


If you have a toddler then you know, small objects are their jam! So lean into their natural curiosity with this convenient fine motor activity. Using children’s tweezers, toddlers….. 

This Afrocentric Alphabet helps children build fine motor skills and hand strength while learning to form letters on their own…..

Blog posts

Cocoa Curriculum blog posts are in conjunction with Stories of a Colorful World. These post chronicle ideas and activities to keep any family busy. Hopefully they will spark a flame of creativity of your own or jumpstart an idea you’ve been waiting to do. Seize the day with your little one by your side.

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